Become a Stockholder

Become a Stockholder
Our purpose is to be of value to small business owners and employees. We do that by supplying financial education, contacting public officials, polling businesses using our survey software, and helping create a better environment for businesses. We will try not to infringe on the rights of public officials and we hope that they will similarly not infringe on the rights of small business owners.

Occupy Mainstreet Worldwide is a very recent organization started by small business owners. One of the goals is to be a conduit of information to those who become a part of this movement. OMW also aims to be a watchdog on Wall Street and Washington to make sure that laws are followed and justice prevails.

Sign up as a stockholder to become part of this grassroots movement dedicated to voicing the economic concerns of small businesses in the United States. Becoming a stockholder is simple. When you sign up, you agree to be contacted by one of our associates for a follow-up conversation allowing you the opportunity to find out even more about our purpose. As a stockholder you will have access to our timeline message board and our blog posts from some of the leading capitalist in our country. Message boards are provided to share valid information that will help small business leaders continue to navigate the American landscape with the knowledge they need to make the right choices for their business. All posts and replies will be moderated by the community, but free speech will be freely allowed.

Stockholders also have access to the website store, where apparel, decals, and more can be purchased to support the expansion of OMW's influence.


A representative of Occupy Mainstreet Worldwide will be in touch with you to collect other information needed to complete your stock certificate.